Colleen Quen
Couturiere/ Artist
Colleen Quen Couture

“I paint with the simplicity of calligraphy strokes, in which each stroke has meaning. Pressure points create the shape from brush to the rice paper, creating volume, movement and expression. My brush becomes my spirit. When I paint, I become one with the universe. I use my creativity to give to others my love, joy and spirit. My tools are simple, my imagination goes free.” – COLLEEN QUEN

Exploring a profound, unconscious realm of her imagination, couturiere Colleen Quen transcends 30 years of fashion design to inspire and refine her newfound journey as a watercolor artist. Her paintings grow out of a gradual metamorphosis from haute couture, signifying a natural progression and constant mediation of her artistic and spiritual journey.

The ancient disciplines of qigong and internal martial arts have helped Quen capture the wisdom of Taoism, which, in turn, has shaped her inimitable vision. As a disciple of Master Madeline Fu, she incorporates landscape brushwork techniques and organic aspects of nature with vibrant, playful hues to reflect her gratitude and passion for life. Nature plays a constant and inextricable role in Quen’s art. Her paintings are an ode to the precious element of water, and her charismatic and inventive use of braches, leaves, flowers, butterflies and birds has become a staple of her work.

Meditative movement and lively color characterize Quen’s expressive brushwork. She uses ink, mineral, and vegetable based color pigments on rice paper to forge striking elements of humanity, the universe, and the spirit of fashion. Imbued with whimsy, humor, and grace, each exquisite painting carries its own story, it’s own mantra intertwined with a message of love, joy and enlightened beauty.